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We beleive, Privacy and Security are non-negotiable
Most exchanges compromise these policies for quick profits.
Think twice before you use any centralized exchange in the future. ( Pray )
At theCoin Exchange , we believe its time to re-invent Crypto Buying.

At theCoin exchange, we never hold Your FUNDS ever and yet ensure total security
We are setting a Gold Bitcoin Standard for Crypto exchanges.

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How does theCoin exchange ensure security of Customer Funds without ever custodying them?

This is the biggest innovation that we have pioneered, there are two key ideas that are at play here.
We never send funds directly to users, however we ensure traders keep their word and send funds to users directly by tracking the public ledger of blockchains like bitcoin, ethereum etc to track whether traders actually sent funds to users and if they did the trade is considered successful and they earn a favourable rating.
To get started as a trader on our platform, traders need to deposit say $1000 worth of crypto which grants them the option of selling $1000 worth of crypto to users and if users raise alarm about traders not sending funds despite them sending funds to traders, we freeze these funds and stop the traders from open any new traders until this issue is resolved.

How do you ensure user privacy ?

As we never transfer funds to users and never touch user’s funds, we are not obliged under law to collect any KYC information from normal users. As we dont collect KYC information of users, we never run the risk of KYC Data breach like the way it happens in most centralized exchanges including in Binance
We also delete trading information after 3 months and only keep only Ratings informatoin ( this also save us database space :P ), apart from this, we force Traders to update their input addresses on a monthly basis.

What happens if users are lying ?

On a p2p exchange, there are risks on both sides, traders usually dont lie because they have reputation at stake, however users might lie and pretend they have send funds.
This is exactly why, users are given a rating too and they are given higher trading limits over time so that they dont traders for a ride.

How do you ensure Crypto security ?

At theCoin exchange, we don’t expect you to trust to keep your crypto exchange, which has proven to be disastrous so far, over $100 Billion in crypto is lost so far to hackers ( )
You can input a wallet address of your crypto wallet on your phone or even that of hardware wallet, this ensures there’s no chance of us losing your funds ever.

How does the referral program Work ?

You will earn 50% of the fees that we earn from people you earn forever

Why ?

No KYC required

Sharing KYCs with crypto exchanges is boring !

No need to share kyc docs like ID / Driving licence with us

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Zero Transaction Fees

Crypto exchanges get hacked routinely , why take unnecessary risks ! Last year alone Crypto exchanges lost $1.6 billion ( Get in and out of crypto in a few clicks ! hold your money all the time ! 100% peace of Mind, 100% convenience Buy, hold and use p-BITCOIN with zero transaction fee

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Why Invest in BITCOIN ?

Bitcoin is the global reserve currency of the future and is expected to go-up 100 times or more in the next 10 years.

Unlike FIAT currencies like Dollar , Euro, Yen or Rupees, Bitcoin has limited issuance of 21 million tokens ( of which 4 million are already lost ), which means as more people adopt bitcoin , the prices of Bitcoin goes up more, as prices goes up ( 10,000 times since 2011 ) , more people will want to buy it.

Last but not least , 2021 looks like a massive year for Crypto just like 2017